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PPC Specialist (Google & LinkedIn Ads)


Melbourne, Australia


Archa is a corporate credit card and spend management platform for small and medium businesses in Australia. It gives customers simplified access to credit and spend management tools to help run their business – but without any of the jumping through hoops and directors’ guarantees required by banks.

"Our GrowthBuddy has done an awesome job reviewing and improving our digital marketing strategy, including pivoting to LinkedIn Ads and tightening up our Google spend. GrowthBuddy has solved a problem for us that we didn't think we could solve.”

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COO, Archa

😣  The problem

Archa needed to enhance its digital marketing strategy but were constrained due to budget limitations. They also had concerns about hiring a remote marketer as they might not have the strongest understanding of the Australian fintech market.

🙋‍♀️  How we helped


Our objective was to introduce Archa to an experienced digital marketer in three weeks. We aimed to provide a solution that aligned with Archa's budgetary constraints. Archa had the opportunity to conduct the final interview and engage directly with the shortlisted candidates, ensuring they were a good fit.


  • From day one, the GrowthBuddy was self-sufficient and delivered high-quality work. Archa's initial meetings with our GrowthBuddy further solidified their confidence in their abilities and work ethic.

  • Archa's website witnessed a 30% surge in online visitors. 
    Their marketing efficiency ratio also mirrored this growth. 

  • The GrowthBuddy gave them a holistic view of their marketing efforts across all channels and helped build a structured marketing framework, which saved them a 6-12 month development process.

✍️  Final thoughts

The partnership between Archa and GrowthBuddy highlights the value of strategic talent placement, especially in budget-constrained scenarios. With the support of our GrowthBuddy, Archa gained increased customer conversion, optimized its marketing spend efficiency, and expedited its growth. Archa's success story is a testament to the possibilities that unfold when the right talent and opportunities align.

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