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Altitude Marketplaces


Amazon Marketing Specialist


Berlin, Germany


Altitude is a dynamic marketing agency specialising in helping businesses thrive on the Amazon marketplace. Altitude's team brings over a decade of invaluable experience, propelling Amazon Sellers to success whilst managing €150 million in annual revenue. 

"Our GrowthBuddy required no hand-holding and blended into Altitude's culture effortlessly. Partnering with Growthbuddy has proven to be one of the best investments in the last 12 months."

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CEO, Altitude Marketplaces

😣  The problem

Altitude's CEO, Pirmin, was the driving force behind the company's success, but he was juggling an overwhelming workload. The need to find skilled talent to share the operational load was clear. However, hiring remotely and trusting someone with crucial responsibilities was daunting. This is where GrowthBuddy stepped in to help.

🙋‍♀️  How we helped


Our objective was to connect Altitude with an Amazon Ads specialist who could take on the operational responsibilities. Within three weeks, we presented Altitude with two highly experienced candidates. Each candidate was thoroughly vetted and underwent a 5 stage interview process.


  • Our GrowthBuddy effortlessly stepped in and helped free up a staggering 70% of Pirmin’s capacity, which enabled him to re-focus his attention on more strategic aspects of the business.

  • Within four weeks, our GrowthBuddy delivered projects that had been stuck in the pipeline for over 6 months.

  • Altitude also benefited from improved operational processes and experimentation with new ad strategies.

✍️  Final thoughts

By teaming up with GrowthBuddy, Altitude discovered a highly skilled Amazon marketer to handle crucial operational tasks and freed up the CEO's capacity to pursue more strategic objectives. It showcases how remote talent can fuel business growth.

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