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150+ marketing tools & resources

With marketing software costs going through the roof, we're doing our bit to help you build an affordable marketing stack with a meticulously curated collection of high-quality marketing tools and resources that are free to use and have a delightful user experience – updated weekly. 


Examples, Marketing Resources, Newsletter

Get the most powerful marketing tactics from successful startups — 1 new idea, every week.


AI, Photo Generator, Marketing Resources, Examples

Get inspired by a curated library of AI images with their respective Midjourney prompts.


Event Marketing, Community

From beautiful event pages to effortless invites and ticketing, Luma is all you need to host a memorable event.


AI, Graphic Design, Photo Generator

An innovative AI face anonymiser that generates fresh identities, ensuring privacy and serving advertising needs.

Grail Writer

SEO & Linkbuilding, Content Marketing, AI

Generate unlimited SEO-optimised articles powered by your OpenAI API key.

Screen Studio

Product Marketing, Video Marketing, Audio & Video Editor

Create beautiful screen recordings in minutes. It's as easy as taking a screenshot.

Magic Eraser

Graphic Design, Image Editing, AI, Photo Editor

Remove unwanted objects, people, or text from photos in seconds.


SEO & Linkbuilding, Content Marketing, Market Research

Stay ahead of your competitors by tracking their websites on a daily basis. Get notified of any changes, whether it's a new headline or a new product that's been released.

User Persona Generator

Keyword & Audience Research, AI

Understand your audience without running 50 interviews. Know exactly how to win their hearts. Done in 10 seconds by AI.


Email Marketing, Newsletter, Marketing Automation

Audienceful is the first email platform you won't hate using. Minimalist, lightweight, and built for automation.


Website Builder, Content Management System, Landing Pages

Create stunning, responsive web projects with no coding in just a few clicks.


Video Marketing, Product Marketing, Audio & Video Editor

Tella is your all-in-one screen recorder that's powerful yet simple to use.

Page Collective

Examples, Landing Pages, Marketing Resources, Website Optimisation

Get inspired and keep up with the latest landing page design and copywriting trends.


Email Marketing, Link in Bio, Landing Pages, Forms & Surveys, Marketing Automation, Content Management System

An email marketing platform dedicated to helping small businesses grow, nurture, and monetise their list—beautifully.

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