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SEO tools & resources

With marketing software costs going through the roof, we're doing our bit to help you build an affordable marketing stack with a meticulously curated collection of high-quality SEO tools and resources that are free to use and have a delightful user experience – updated weekly. 


Answer The Public

Keyword & Audience Research, SEO & Linkbuilding

Gain instant search insights from customer minds using this tool.

Campaign URL Builder

SEO & Linkbuilding, Google Analytics

Easily add campaign parameters to URLs for Google Analytics tracking.


SEO & Linkbuilding, Keyword & Audience Research, Content Marketing, AI

Personal AI assistant for writing and ranking 20x faster.

Marketing Examples

Content Marketing, Examples, Marketing Resources, SEO & Linkbuilding, Ads

Explore a curated collection of 330+ handpicked marketing examples for inspiration.


Content Marketing, AI, Content Planning, SEO & Linkbuilding, Keyword & Audience Research

Collaborate and manage content creation with an AI tool designed for teams and creators.


SEO & Linkbuilding, Website Optimisation

Manage translations and show custom content based on language and user location for improved SEO performance.

SEO Analyser - Neil Patel

SEO & Linkbuilding

Improve website visitors with a free SEO report.


Content Marketing, SEO & Linkbuilding, AI

Produce high-quality articles on any topic with built-in SEO optimisation and in multiple languages at low cost, using the latest in AI.


SEO & Linkbuilding, AI, Content Marketing, Copywriting

Effortlessly create SEO-optimized articles in minutes with Copymate.

Grail Writer

SEO & Linkbuilding, Content Marketing, AI

Generate unlimited SEO-optimised articles powered by your OpenAI API key.

Mass Indexing

SEO & Linkbuilding, Content Marketing, Website Optimisation

Fastest URL indexing Service. Index thousands URLs in hours, not weeks.


Ads, SEO & Linkbuilding, Keyword & Audience Research, Data Reporting & Analytics

Improve Google Ads performance efficiently with smart recommendations.


SEO & Linkbuilding, AI, Keyword & Audience Research

Optimize SEO content efficiently to drive traffic and enhance content quality.


SEO & Linkbuilding, Content Marketing, Market Research

Stay ahead of your competitors by tracking their websites on a daily basis. Get notified of any changes, whether it's a new headline or a new product that's been released.

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